Institute of Applied Language Studies

Knowledge of languages opens doors to the world. We will teach you English, German, Latin, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese and Czech to foreigners.

How do we influence the city and the region?

Where are we heading?

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  • More than 5600 students attend IALS every year.
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech for foreigners, Latin and Portuguese are all languages – that’s the range of languages on offer at IALS.
  • Since 2008, when IALS was established, 94,903 students have completed language training.
Did you know that…

The International Summer Language School, which is a traditional event of UWB, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019? In the anniversary year, 640 participants attended the courses.

International Summer Language School

  • Wide range of language courses – English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Czech for foreigners and now Portuguese, Arabic and Persian.
  • Day, morning and afternoon courses of different levels for students, youth, children from 6 years old and adults.
  • Experienced university lecturers and qualified native speakers.
  • Diverse international participation, unique intercultural environment.
  • Hundreds of participants every year.
  • Since 2017, when IALS took over the organisation of the International Summer Language School, a total of 2,780 participants have attended the summer courses.


  • It serves as a cultural and language centre.
  • Its events are attended annually by 1600 participants from primary and secondary schools and the public.
  • It is part of the worldwide network of “American Spaces” centres.
  • Since its inception in 2013, the American Center Pilsen has welcomed 29,491 visitors.

Regular events:

  • English Conversation Club – a conversation club for everyone who wants to practice their English.
  • Pilsen Talks – a series of talks, lectures and seminars with American and Czech experts on current topics. In 2022, the Pilsen Talks, this time dedicated to the theme of Changes of Today, offered a total of 28 educational events that attracted 746 participants.
  • Workshops and seminars for primary and secondary schools.
  • Counselling and events for students.

Student competitions

  • Conference of student professional presentations in foreign languages.
  • Students present topics related to their field of study in their professional presentations.
  • Presentations on any topic in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Czech for foreigners.
  • Since 2014, it has also been organised for secondary schools – on average 47% of secondary school pupils take part each year out of a total of about 470 competitors.
  • A total of 754 competitors have already taken part.


  • Regional competition in the understanding of English professional text, jointly organized by the Pilsen Region and UWP (IALS and the Department of Quality).
  • Competitors are divided into 5 categories according to the type of high school.
  • In 2022, 2470 pupils from secondary schools participated in the Context competition.


International English Exam

  • To work in an international company or abroad, an international English exam will help.
  • We offer TOEIC and TOEFL exams.
  • We are a public testing centre.
  • Every year you have several dates to choose from.

Multidisciplinary Projects in an International Context (MUPIC)

  • The MUPIC project – Multidisciplinary Projects in an International Context – runs thanks to the Erasmus+ KA203 programme (2018-2022).
  • In the project, students learn to work in a dynamic multicultural team, managed according to the latest trends in project management, improve their communication in English, learn to plan, solve problematic situations and cooperate. They train their flexibility, responsibility and goal-orientation.
  • The project received the “Good Practice” label and a nomination for the DZS Award in the Flexibility and Innovation category.
  • The coordinator is the director of IALS Jana Čepičková.