Faculty of electrical engineering

We educate technical specialists, work with local companies and support technical education from primary and secondary schools. We are FEE UWB.

How do we influence the city and the region?

Where are we heading?

  • We create study programmes to reflect the requirements of society and prepare our graduates for a future successful career and employment in the labour market or the implementation of their own ideas.
  • We advocate open and equal access to education and creative activity, with the aim of eliminating cultural, social and other barriers that prevent certain groups from increasing their educational attainment despite good study and research facilities.
  • We are perceived as an integral part of the region, we work and participate in national and international projects, we are a sought-after partner of institutions of national and international importance, with whom we jointly carry out research with demonstrable impact on practice and other activities contributing to the sustainable development of society.

Our graduates

Veronika Lukavská

Václav Langheinrich

Martin Brůha

Did you know that…

Our students and staff can visit over 70 partner universities and institutions around the world?

FEE UWB has a significant impact on the city of Pilsen and the entire Pilsen Region

  • Through the training of technical specialists, cooperation with local companies and the promotion of technical education from primary and secondary schools in the region, we are an integral part of it.
  • As a major centre of know-how and innovation, we strengthen the region’s competitiveness and contribute to its sustainable development.
  • The Faculty produces highly qualified graduates who are in demand on the labour market and who become the engine of innovation and technological development of the region.
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Are we actively promoting technical education at secondary school level to inspire young people to take an interest in technical fields for a successful future career?

We do excellent science

  • Research and Innovation Centre for Electrical Engineering – R&D is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering’s own research centre and its integral part and research brand. We provide a complete research chain from basic (theoretical) research to the development of functional samples and prototypes and their complete testing.
  • We have unique research infrastructure, such as an indoor laboratory for high-voltage power electronics and transport technology for testing vehicles and equipment up to 31 kV and 4 MW.
  • For cooperation with key industrial partners, we offer the use of special laboratories for materials and technology research, including “clean rooms”, microscopy laboratories, EMC, X-ray diagnostics laboratories, acoustic laboratories and others.

Research and Innovation Centre for Electrical Engineering – R&D

  • More than 200 male and female researchers.
  • Founded in 2010.
  • Over 120 projects and contract research contracts are handled annually.
  • Average annual turnover approximately EUR 9 million.
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Every year we organize the JuniorFEE summer school for the second grade of primary schools? In a playful and easy-to-understand way, we show that technology is neither complicated nor boring, thus encouraging interest in learning technology from an early age.

History of FEE

  • 1949 – Founding of the University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Pilsen (VŠSE) as part of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Teaching takes place in the city centre.
  • 1950 – The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Pilsen becomes an independent faculty of the CTU.
  • 1953 – VŠSE acquires the independent status of a university headed by a rector. At this time, only a single electrical engineering faculty called “Department of Electrical Engineering Sciences” is part of it.
  • 1960 – The Faculty of Electrical Engineering (at the same time as the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering) is established within the University of Science and Technology in Pilsen; new fields of study are added, focusing on electrical engineering, electronics and computers.
  • 1991 – The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is founded.
  • 2004 – Opening and commencement of teaching in the new building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Borské Pole campus.
  • 2016 – Inauguration of the new RICE research centre.
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