Faculty of Applied Sciences

FAS is unique among technical faculties. It has managed to concentrate a number of scientific disciplines in a small space and create ideal conditions for their cooperation.

How do we influence the city and the region?

  • For over 30 years we have been passing on our knowledge to students from all over the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • A large part of our more than 6,000 graduates remain career loyal to the Pilsen region.
  • We love science and do our best to popularize it in a region whose history and future are inextricably linked to technology and industry.
  • We offer excellent conditions for the scientific career of our students and graduates from other universities.

Where are we heading?

  • We are a forward-looking faculty. We strive to shape it ourselves and change it for the better through the synergy of applied sciences.
  • We are exploring the promising possibilities of multidisciplinary fields, pushing the boundaries of what is possible every year.
  • We support our students in building their careers at home and abroad.
  • We can’t stand still. We will never change.

Antonín Diviš

What you may not have known about our faculty

More than six thousand students have passed through the Faculty of Applied Sciences during its existence. A quality science education has opened up a unique opportunity for them to pursue a full career in many fields in companies and major institutions.

Studying at our faculty brings with it not only the necessary knowledge linked with the latest knowledge from practice, but also high professional flexibility and foreign experience.

Our graduates are thus able to easily enter the labour market throughout their active lives. Thanks to their excellent theoretical background and natural desire for education, “FAS students” are among the most capable and innovative professionals and managers. We thank each of them for the inspiration they continue to be for us

Lukáš Svoboda

We live by science and technology

  • We try to get the general public and, of course, potential future students excited about science and technology.
  • We participate in a number of popularization events, organize excursions and lectures for schools in our region.
  • Our pride is our summer camps for children of all ages, where we help young scientists discover the beauty of cybernetics and programming, geomatics, physics and mechanics. It’s wonderful to play while discovering the unknown.
Did you know that…

FAS invented smart windows and used AI to create Karel Gott’s voice?

We don’t do science in a drawer, we respond to practical requirements

  • An integral part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is the research centre NTIS – New Technologies for the Information Society
  • In this unique space, physics, mathematics, information technology, cybernetics, geomatics, mechanics and engineering intersect and develop.
  • We are not afraid of any challenge. Thanks to the range of disciplines represented and the experience and skills of our scientists, we can find effective solutions in many areas of science and technology – from nanomaterials to robotics and geophysical models.

Jan TrÁvníček

What we excel at