Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The establishment of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was connected with the long history of Skoda Plzen and our activities are still closely linked with traditional and new engineering plants. During our history we have educated 12 389 successful graduates.

How do we influence the city and the region?

  • We cooperate closely with industrial companies in the Pilsen, Karlovy Vary and South Bohemia regions in the field of research and development.
  • Every year, we prepare more than 850 students for their future careers, who are 100% employable in the labour market.
  • We contribute to the long-term development of the region in the field of innovation and development.
  • We strengthen the implementation of the objectives of the Regional Innovation Strategy and Integrated Territorial Investments.
  • We bring technical education closer to primary and secondary school students through field trips, internships, leisure activities, lectures and competitions.

Where are we heading?

  • We want to continue to be a respected and successful educational institution in the region, the Czech Republic and Europe.
  • We prepare students for necessary and emerging professions on the labour market.
  • We remain a partner in regional and international engineering development.
  • We maintain quality standards in education, research and development in the field of engineering, including applications for industrial practice.
  • We are committed to developing our laboratories and accredited testing facilities to international standards.

Our graduates

Adam Bajer

Ilona Havelová

Building on tradition and creating the future

Pilsen is closely connected with the production of railway vehicles, which made our city and the Czech Republic famous all over the world. Thanks to our experience and fully equipped laboratories, we were able to assist in their development and production. The emerging concept of autonomous trams also presents us with an interesting challenge for future cooperation.

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Did you know that…

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of UWB will address the vision of the future of railway transport in the international project PODS4RAIL., which is implemented by the German company Siemens Mobility, DLR and other giants in the field of transport.

The Faculty holds more than 10 patents and utility models for products, technologies and processes in the field of additive technologies. We also find collaboration in the connection to history, where we can recreate and preserve historical artifacts and help find new avenues for museums.

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Did you know that…

The KRAKEN milling head, which has won awards at home and in Europe, has approved patents in India, Israel, Turkey and the USA.

We support long-term sustainable energy and the use of alternative energy sources. We are one of the 3 universities that has been involved in research and development in this area for a long time. Our dominant focus is on classical and nuclear engineering.

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Did you know that…

The faculty has established close cooperation with domestic and foreign power plants and companies involved in energy production. Within the framework of international cooperation, we participate in the search and development of alternative sources and the use of hydrogen technologies.

Did you know that…

The Faculty of Engineering has won awards in the field of research and has several times been ranked at the top in the survey School recommended by employers?

Other activities related to education

  • The Faculty of Engineering was one of the founding faculties that gave rise to higher education in Pilsen. Our history is linked to the original Škoda plants and we develop cooperation not only in the region but also internationally.
  • For more than 8 years, the highest advisory body of the Dean has been the Industrial Council, which currently has 25 permanent members and 12 invited guests from among secondary school principals. It regularly addresses issues of faculty development and future direction.
  • We currently offer 23 study programmes that can be studied in full-time or combined form. Thanks to this, our graduates are highly recognized personalities who contribute to the development of the City of Pilsen and help build the reputation of the Pilsen Region in the long term.
  • We support interdisciplinary activities. 19 years ago, we established the DESING+ program, which supports the mutual collaboration of students from our university faculties in the development of new conceptual solutions.
  • We support the activities of students within the Formula Student project. In 2009 we brought to our university a project that brings together students from 4 faculties into one team. They can put their knowledge into practice in the design and construction of a racing monopost of the world’s largest engineering competition.
Did you know that…

Children’s Technical University Faculty of Engineering has its 7th year and 480 young graduates? Children’s University is a place where primary school pupils foster their creativity, teamwork and discover the world of technology in a playful way. They can visit it in Pilsen, Klatovy and Sokolov.

Science and research are part of us

  • The Regional Institute of Technology is a modern research centre of the Faculty of Engineering. We deal with both basic and mainly applied and experimental research in the field of vehicle construction, production machines, machining and forming technologies as well as modern production methods of so-called “Smart Production” and “Industry 4.0”.
  • We develop new technologies and materials, look for new solutions and improve existing ones.
  • In the field of research, we have been involved in more than 130 national and international projects that have been successful and have brought new technologies, modern approaches and insights.

Regional Technological Instituce (RTI)

  • We have been here since 2015.
  • In 2019, we won the prestigious HR Excellence in Research award.
  • We have 120 employees.
  • 6 research programmes.
  • 9 state-of-the-art laboratories and testing rooms.
  • We care about the quality of our work, which is why we have the Laboratory of Mechanical Testing, Metallography and Metrology accredited according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.