Faculty of Economics

Ekonomové stojí v předních řadách těch, kteří nesou odpovědnost za udržitelnost růstu a blahobytu lidstva. Dobrý ekonom je základ každé prosperující společnosti, firmy i instituce. Za více než 30 let jsme vychovali přes 10 tisíc takových odborníků a odbornic.

How do we influence the city and the region?

Where are we heading?

  • Ekonomická fakulta významně přispívá k prosperitě a rozvoji města Plzně i celého regionu.
  • We are consolidating our position as a stable institution providing quality education to top professionals with high moral credentials who will co-create our future.
  • We are developing partnerships with important foreign institutions and we will use the results of our cooperation for the benefit of the city of Pilsen and the entire region.
  • The social demand of the labour market is reflected in the continuous innovation of study programmes and the readiness to provide education to the general public.

Pavel Wimmer

Kateřina RAzýmová

Excellent application

Our graduates have a broad portfolio of employment in the corporate and non-profit sectors, project management, marketing and finance, and regional development. Many of them are now successful businessmen and businesswomen.

The Faculty of Economics enables you to obtain international and national certifications in finance, audit and project management.

Further professional growth is offered through certificate programs Tax Specialist in cooperation with BDO or Tourism Manager.

Students can also choose double degree programmes in cooperation with Hochschule Hof in Germany or Häme University of Applied Sciences in Hämeenlinna, Finland.


  • Economic prosperity and corporate growth,
  • project management and sustainable business,
  • economic, social and environmental impacts on the development and competitiveness of cities and regions,
  • consumer behaviour in the emerging digital society,
  • human resource management in the context of technological and demographic change,
  • climate change and water management at municipal level, carbon footprint.
Did you know that…

Do we cooperate on the Healthy Landscape project, which is a long-term activity of the Pilsen Region?

Business makes the world go round

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Sustainability at the Faculty of Economics offers a helping hand to the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs.


Did you know that…

The Faculty of Economics has been organizing the HOMO ECONOMICUS summer school for young promising economists aged 7-15 for 12 years? During this time, 250 children have graduated. Now we are also planning a JUNIOR ACADEMY for high school students.

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